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Tips for using Pomegranates

The humble pomegranate has come a long way since using it as a cricket ball in your grandparents’ backyard.

They are packed full of goodness so make sure you go to the ‘Health Benefits’ page to see how pomegranates can improve your life.

Apart from eating the arils as a healthy snack straight from the fruit, they can add a punch of sweetness and colour to an array of dishes. A few simple suggestions include:

  • Adding them to a garden salad
  • Sprinkling them on ice-cream or yoghurt
  • Mixing them in with breakfast cereal
  • Adding them to couscous or pasta dishes

If stored in cool, dry place, pomegranates can last up to 2 weeks however they can last up to 2 months when refrigerated. They should be eaten within a couple of days once they have been cut open.

Although it’s not a great idea to freeze whole pomegranates, arils can be frozen. We suggest you buy a few extra pomegranates at the end of the season, scoop out the delicious seeds and store in airtight bags so that you can add them to your recipes all year round.

Pomegranate juice is possibly the healthiest drink available. Why not add a splash of juice to a glass of soda water or better still, add some to a cocktail! Surely the goodness of the pomegranate outweighs the fact you are drinking alcohol! (It’s a bit like eating chocolate cake while drinking a Diet Coke!)

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