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What is a Pomegranate

Technically a berry, pomegranates, or Punica granatum, are a large, round, red fruit with very distinctive characteristics. The name pomegranate comes from the French word pome garnete which means ‘apple with grains’.

Within the pomegranate lay hundreds of ruby red seeds which glisten like small jewels… fitting for a fruit that has a crown.

These juicy seeds are known as arils. They have a unique sweet taste and can be enjoyed fresh from the fruit or can be included in recipes to add a burst of flavour.

Although the arils are the tastiest part of a pomegranate, the rind should not be discarded when making juice because it is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants.

Check out the ‘Health Benefits’ page on our website. It certainly appears there is enough evidence around to suggest that we may have truly found the world’s eighth wonder... the pomegranate!




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